Rewind Witch is a  cute 2D  potion making game .
Discover new recipes to sell  potions in your shop.  

Play as the little witch who makes strange and funny potions with the help of her trusty but annoying cauldron. Play with interesting ingredients like: The Mirror Of A Pigeon, A Glass Of Lava, The Feather Of A Kip and many more. 

Test these crazy potions on your familiar Squee to see the funny effects and rewind time to get your ingredients back from a failed potion.

After testing you can sell your wonderful potions. Earn some money so you can buy other potions and rewind them for more ingredients.

Go out there, make some crazy and wonderful potions!

If you are ever stuck on what ingredient combination makes a potion try buying a potion from the shop and looking at what ingredients you get out of it .
A combination of those is bound to be a potion.

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